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Impact of Home Quarantine on Physical Activity Among Older Adults Living at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Qualitative Interview Study

JMIR Aging 2020;3(1):e19007

HTML PDF 18603 22 33
A Fall Risk mHealth App for Older Adults: Development and Usability Study

JMIR Aging 2018;1(2):e11569

HTML PDF 4587 11 13
Mobile and Connected Health Technology Needs for Older Adults Aging in Place: Cross-Sectional Survey Study

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e13864

HTML PDF 3906 7 11
Digital Information Technology Use and Patient Preferences for Internet-Based Health Education Modalities: Cross-Sectional Survey Study of Middle-Aged and Older Adults With Chronic Health Conditions

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e12243

HTML PDF 3315 2 11
Factors Influencing the Adoption of Smart Health Technologies for People With Dementia and Their Informal Caregivers: Scoping Review and Design Framework

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e12192

HTML PDF 3822 9 11
Evaluating the Use of Mobile Health Technology in Older Adults With Heart Failure: Mixed-Methods Study

JMIR Aging 2018;1(2):e12178

HTML PDF 2484 2 9
A Web-Based Intervention to Help Caregivers of Older Adults With Dementia and Multiple Chronic Conditions: Qualitative Study

JMIR Aging 2018;1(1):e2

HTML PDF 4698 4 9
Ambient Assisted Living as Support for Aging in Place: Quantitative Users’ Acceptance Study on Ultrasonic Whistles

JMIR Aging 2018;1(2):e11825

HTML PDF 1483 1 7
Understanding Why Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Join Diabetes Online Communities: Semantic Network Analyses

JMIR Aging 2018;1(1):e10649

HTML PDF 1617 14 7
Analyzing Twitter as a Platform for Alzheimer-Related Dementia Awareness: Thematic Analyses of Tweets

JMIR Aging 2018;1(2):e11542

HTML PDF 2520 13 7
Informal Caregivers’ Use of Internet-Based Health Resources: An Analysis of the Health Information National Trends Survey

JMIR Aging 2018;1(2):e11051

HTML PDF 1985 6 7
Diabetes Online Community User Perceptions of Successful Aging With Diabetes: Analysis of a #DSMA Tweet Chat

JMIR Aging 2018;1(1):e10176

HTML PDF 2315 50 7
Mobilizing mHealth Data Collection in Older Adults: Challenges and Opportunities

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e10019

HTML PDF 3155 55 7
A Tool That Assesses the Evidence, Transparency, and Usability of Online Health Information: Development and Reliability Assessment

JMIR Aging 2018;1(1):e3

HTML PDF 4266 8 6
Innovative Assisted Living Tools, Remote Monitoring Technologies, Artificial Intelligence-Driven Solutions, and Robotic Systems for Aging Societies: Systematic Review

JMIR Aging 2019;2(2):e15429

HTML PDF 6603 1 6
Health Information–Seeking Behaviors of Family Caregivers: Analysis of the Health Information National Trends Survey

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e11237

HTML PDF 3190 2 6
A National Assessment of Access to Technology Among Nursing Home Residents: A Secondary Analysis

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e11449

HTML PDF 2097 2 5
Digital Media Recruitment for Fall Prevention Among Older Chinese-American Individuals: Observational, Cross-Sectional Study

JMIR Aging 2018;1(2):e11772

HTML PDF 1045 1 5
Mobile Support for Older Adults and Their Caregivers: Dyad Usability Study

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e12276

HTML PDF 2142 1 5
Older Adults’ Attitudes Toward Ambulatory Technology to Support Monitoring and Coaching of Healthy Behaviors: Qualitative Study

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e10476

HTML PDF 1859 18 5
The Impact of the Virtual Cognitive Health Program on the Cognition and Mental Health of Older Adults: Pre-Post 12-Month Pilot Study

JMIR Aging 2018;1(2):e12031

HTML PDF 6416 6 5
Prevalence and Factors Influencing Use of Internet and Electronic Health Resources by Middle-Aged and Older Adults in a US Health Plan Population: Cross-Sectional Survey Study

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e11451

HTML PDF 1720 3 5
Promoting Identification and Use of Aid Resources by Caregivers of Seniors: Co-Design of an Electronic Health Tool

JMIR Aging 2019;2(2):e12314

HTML PDF 1180 10 4
A Rapid, Mobile Neurocognitive Screening Test to Aid in Identifying Cognitive Impairment and Dementia (BrainCheck): Cohort Study

JMIR Aging 2019;2(1):e12615

HTML PDF 12453 7 4
Coproduction of a Theory-Based Digital Resource for Unpaid Carers (The Care Companion): Mixed-Methods Study

JMIR Aging 2018;1(1):e1

HTML PDF 2052 17 4

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